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Site Investigation

Site investigations for new and existing buildings and structures require a bespoke site investigation service. We use desk studies and local knowledge to plan site investigations, and carry out data interpretation, and reporting for geotechnical design and geo-chemical assessment.

Rock Faces

Rock faces and cliffs can become unstable and create rockfall hazards. We use on foot inspections and rope abseil access to inspect rock faces. We offer stability & rockfall analysis and slope and excavation design. We also design stabilisation works and prepare detailed specifications, quantities, and drawings.

Soil Stability

Slope instability can take the form of slides, flows, or falls. We assess slopes with a desk study and inspections, providing vital information for insitu investigations and remedial work design. Our expert geologists can assist you from start to finish, including assessments, investigations, geotechnical design, and on-site monitoring.


Quarry companies must inspect quarry faces and waste tips regularly and assess them every two years. Our trained geologists perform a walkover site inspection and use rope access techniques. We use computer software and slope stability analysis in our Geotechnical Assessment Report which includes recommendations to mitigate any hazards.


Southwest England has a rich mining history. Though most mining activity ended by the early 20th century, abandoned mines still pose hazards. We have extensive knowledge of historical mining in Devon and Cornwall, with access to maps, mine plans. We start with a Mining Desk Study to identify recorded workings, followed by targeted Insitu Mining Investigations to determine any necessary Remedial Engineering Safety Works.


Many site in the southwest have been contaminated by past industrial and other human activities. We offer phased ground contamination assessments in line with best practice, including desk studies, intrusive investigation, remediation, and verification. We can also advise on soil disposal classification.