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5. Old Coal Mine

Old Coal Mine, North Devon

Coal mining in North Devon was carried out at East-the Water and Bideford in the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries.  When a new road…

West Devon Soil Slope Stabilisation

During an exceptionally wet winter in 2020/2021 cracks started to appear along the edge of a main road in West Devon.  Frederick Sherrell Limited undertook…
7. Quarry Inspection

Quarry Inspection, South Devon

Quarry companies are required to carry out regular safety inspections of the excavated quarry faces and tips and to commission a geotechnical assessment at least…
Torrington (1)

Great Torrington Rockfall

In January 2022 a large rockfall occurred from a roadside cutting and blocked a main road in North Devon.  A geotechnical inspection by an engineering…